Picture of Manage your iPod cord
Use a common crochet chain method to shorten your ipod earbud cord to a more manageable length without tangling or damaging the cord.

Step 1: First, make a regular knot close to the plug end, but don't pull the earbuds all the way through.

Picture of First, make a regular knot close to the plug end, but don't pull the earbuds all the way through.

randi95 years ago
honestly, this is like the coolest thing ever. i didn't think i was going to be able to do it, but i did :) it's a very cool idea. and it looks soooo awesome when you wrap it around your ipod.
Phoghat6 years ago
Kewel! It's very early in the morning and I've just bought a nice set of Bose cans with a very long annoying cord. Saw this and tried it immediately and it worked, easy as pie. Well done.
Though everyone and their mom has seemingly made this comment, this technique is fantastic for extension cords. Hah, and the instructions here are better than any others I could find online, well done! Also note how my cord has naturally formed a heart-like shape...a sign that it approves of this technique as well.
jchronowski8 years ago
Rockin' sometimes it's right there in front of you. If my POD cord didn't get pulled out at least 6 times a day before this. And it works for power cordr too. GREAT TIP.
requiemdem9 years ago
kick bootie! this thing is multi-purpose and pretty much awesome.
wmcraver9 years ago
I don't know why I didn't think of this before. My dad did this to all of his long power cables. Nicely done. This is definitely cheaper than purchasing a "cord keeper" for my headphones.
commiechink9 years ago
Be careful when doing the daisy chain! When done on small cable (like headphones) and using fairly loose crochets, it can be alright. But be careful when pulling on the chain, as it can create kinks which can potentially cause cable breaks. As a musician i've seen many good audio cables die prematurely due to being yanked from a daisy chain.
Rootman9 years ago
As blog.darkforestdesign.com said this is used by many. Try it with your extension cords, you can plug it in, drop the whole thing and walk off with the other end, no tangles, caught loops or snags.
This "daisy chain" type system is used by a bunch of people, namely rock climbers and firefighters/rescue personnel because it stores a rope such that there are no kinks, and it's very easy to deploy quickly. Never thought of using it for those annoying headphone cords, though. Nice job!
radiorental9 years ago