WHOAAAA I said healthy appetite not a healthy meal ! Are you tired of those hockey puck sized burgers you get at most cookouts? Those one handed burgers you get at fastfood windows leave you needing more?  Here's MY idea of the proper hamburger for a man... ok... even a woman with a healthy appetite...

Step 1: Getting Set Up

Ok... lets raid the refrigerator.. your going to need
 1/2 to 3/4lb of 80/20 ground beef
 2-3 strips of bacon
 steak sauce
 worcheshire sauce
 hot peppers (insert shameless plug here) https://www.instructables.com/id/Awesome-Hot-Pepper-Medleyrelishsalad/
 hamburger roll, hard roll or in this case whole wheat bread
looks tasty
my dad would  be like :D over this
Tasty!&nbsp; I've never tried the peppers, but I think I'm gonna!<br /> <br /> I would personally recommend some onions, too.&nbsp; Slice one-half a yellow onion, separated into rings, with 1-2Tbsp butter in a pan over medium heat.&nbsp; To do this right, it takes a while, but cook them until they're golden-brown (well caramelized).<br /> <br /> Here's the critical part:&nbsp; put the onions on the burger first, THEN the cheese.&nbsp; Melty, cheesy goodness with onions... yum!&nbsp; Okay, it's in the neighborhood of &quot;patty melt&quot;, but with the bacon and peppers I think you've got a whole new creation.<br />
But a manburger deserves a thick slice of raw red onion.&nbsp; Sauteed onions tend to slide out too much.<br />
While I agree with both types of onion, there's a 3rd choice.... I have the onion in with the peppers ! But if I had, had a raw onion handy I&nbsp;probably would have added it.<br /> <br /> &nbsp; Thank you both for commenting
Yum, cholesterol bomb.&nbsp; At least you have whole wheat bread to balance it out.<br />

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