Well, if you've made it this far, great! If you've gotten bored of cardboard, don't give up! The rest of the project is quite fun!  Your ready to paint! i HIGHLY recommend a base-coat of white paint.  Spray-paint works best, as it leaves no brushstrokes.  Work in a well ventilated area, with a tarp underneath. Follow the instructions on the can, and evenly coat every piece of the armor with white. Let the first coat dry, and go over it with a second white coat. Once the white paint has dried, use the color of choice to go over the armor, again making sure to paint evenly. Let dry.
<p>um, sir/ma'am (can't tell) what would you use for the visor if you had done the cardboard helmet?</p>
For a visor, just use plexiglass which can be purchased at lowes.
Hey I've built a couple Boba Fett helmets, and for the visor I always use a thin piece of plastic, like the kind that comes in a cheap poster frame and to make it dark I use cheap window tint
<p>It does look good. Sure I'd like to make the helmet, but the Hasbro one looks fine to me! I'll consider cardboard if my current attempt at craft foam fails.</p>
There are several things wrong with the Hasbro: First the visor is way too big; second the cheek plates are not flush with the rest of the helmet; third the paint should be a bit more chipped. Its a better idea to make it with cardboard or mod the helmet.
<p>nice instructable sir, I need to make this costume hopefully before the next con.</p>
cool armor
not bad at all... I think my girlfriend would kill me if I went as boba for Halloween though... She prefers the couples costumes and she would never wear the gold bikini in public

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