Step 6: The END

Now that your armor is properly worn, its time to  figure out how your going to wear it.  For me, I decided on a pair of gray Cargo pants from WalMart, a gray long-sleeved shirt, and a tan tee-shirt.  Now, for the belt, I connected the two pieces by using binder clips that I spray-painted green.  For attaching the pieces, I used industrial strength velcro with INCREDIBLY strong adhesive on the back. I put the soft side on the clothes, and the rough side on the armor. be sure to CAREFULLY place the velcro as it is VERY hard to remove, and will not stick as well a second time. (consider using a friend for help). The helmet, as you are sure to notice, has been spurned in this tutorial. Alas I was forced to buy Hasbro's for $35 as I did not have time to attempt the cardboard version. That about sums it up! If you have questions, please post! Ill answer and make revisions to this as necessary! Happy hunting!
<p>um, sir/ma'am (can't tell) what would you use for the visor if you had done the cardboard helmet?</p>
For a visor, just use plexiglass which can be purchased at lowes.
Hey I've built a couple Boba Fett helmets, and for the visor I always use a thin piece of plastic, like the kind that comes in a cheap poster frame and to make it dark I use cheap window tint
<p>It does look good. Sure I'd like to make the helmet, but the Hasbro one looks fine to me! I'll consider cardboard if my current attempt at craft foam fails.</p>
There are several things wrong with the Hasbro: First the visor is way too big; second the cheek plates are not flush with the rest of the helmet; third the paint should be a bit more chipped. Its a better idea to make it with cardboard or mod the helmet.
<p>nice instructable sir, I need to make this costume hopefully before the next con.</p>
cool armor
not bad at all... I think my girlfriend would kill me if I went as boba for Halloween though... She prefers the couples costumes and she would never wear the gold bikini in public

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