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this is a new tutorial about making a mandalorian costume. Here is my new weapon, traditional mandalorian gun: verpine rifle

You will need:
1) paint
2) PVC plastic
3) Rope
4) Field-glass, even if it is a toy
5) Any tube 36mm
6) super glue
7) putty

P.s Yes, i've repainted my armor and made new several plates.. New helmet WIP

Step 1: Drafts

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Draw drafts or download them, you'll easilly find it in Google. After that redraw them onto PVC and cut off. Then use super glue and stick together your details as it is a sandwich. For a barrel i used vacuum cleaner.. Time for hunting on ghosts! ;)

Step 2: Details

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add ropes, if you want. Make a sight using field glass, then putty your rifle

Step 3: Painting

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Just d.. paint it! Anyway, thanks for your attention, good luck!


tr0lldr0id made it! (author)2016-07-03


I made it using a lot of cardboard, some tape, PVC pipe, a piece of wrapping paper tube, and, obviously, paint/sealer/varnish

P.S. should I make an instructable on how to make stuff like this out of cardboard?

EvgenR (author)tr0lldr0id2016-07-04

Wow, not bad! But battle damage can be better, more realistic, i mean. And yes, make an instructable, i think, it would be really interesting)

tr0lldr0id (author)EvgenR2016-07-04

yeah, I did realize that I did a not too good job on the damage... I'll get working on the instructable now

tr0lldr0id (author)tr0lldr0id2016-07-20

here's the link!

EvgenR (author)2016-07-04


tr0lldr0id (author)EvgenR2016-07-04

woah, that is sweet. I really like the rings around the barrel, they look awesome!

EvgenR (author)tr0lldr0id2016-07-04

Hah, thanks a lot)

tr0lldr0id (author)2016-06-08

you continually say, 'putty it'. is this in reference to Bondo glass putty?

EvgenR (author)tr0lldr0id2016-06-09

No, i mean a standart putty for wood.. But you can use Bondo too)

tr0lldr0id (author)EvgenR2016-06-09

thanks. I will probably make this soon, although due to my lack of pvc plastic and the fact that I am a cheapskate, I will probably either use wood or reinforced and layered cardboard

EvgenR (author)tr0lldr0id2016-06-09

Good luck, send photos when everything is done)

tr0lldr0id (author)EvgenR2016-06-09

will do!

tr0lldr0id (author)tr0lldr0id2016-06-21

I'm working on it, but I want to know: how long is the part that is made of PVC plastic?

MandalorianMaker (author)2016-02-10

Wow looks great!!

EvgenR (author)MandalorianMaker2016-02-10

thanks, vod! What's with your costume, do you have any plans for next update?

MandalorianMaker (author)EvgenR2016-02-11

Yeah, I'm going to do a helmet instructable soon, my armor through a long convoluted story was sold to a friend for the star wars 7 opening night, I ended up going as Han Solo. I will add my helmet instructable soon though, and possibly a republic command helmet but thats up in the air at the moment. As for my armor I will probably do a summary instructable, but your armor 'ible was absolutely amazing. And I love the verpine rifle.

EvgenR (author)MandalorianMaker2016-02-11

Oh, you've sold it? And what after, are you going to make a new one? Or you're going fight for the Rebellion now?) Anyway, you're lucky, you've got some "star wars" events, that's pretty nice! I don't have any of them. The one event, where i could show my costume was the premiere of the 7th episode :D

MandalorianMaker (author)EvgenR2016-02-12

Nah I'm not going to join the rebs :), I am going to keep doing commission work for friends, I'm doing a cardboard stormtrooper helmet for someone at the moment. Then I will get onto my Republic Commando helmet, I will do a ible for that one most likely, after that I will probably finish the other mando helmet. Maybe I'll be a mandalorian blacksmith :P, so I'm not retiring for good.

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