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Introduction: Mandalorian Armor

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Mandalorian armor from PVC

1. PVC
2. Paint
3. Building hairdrayer
4. Stationary knife

Step 1: Craft

You need to make templates of armor and move them onto sheet of PVC. Then cut it and bend them using your hairdryer. Time for painting!)

Step 2: Harsh Life

Your armor is mandalorian armor. It must be shabby for sure, draw scratches. More scratches. Scratches are everywhere! After that you can make washing

Thanks for attention, i wish you good luck in your craft

P.S I know, that i had mixed knee plates, it was too late when i took this photo)

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I'm working towards rebuilding my armor. I don't know if you can find a more specific answer than I did, but do you know what armor style the Mandalorians had when they fought against the Jedi for the Sith? I think it was one of the crusader outfits, but I can't figure out which, and I was wondering if there is anything more specific even than just that.

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actually, never mind. I think I'm going to do a set of legacy armor instead. but thanks anyway, since I know you would have answered eventually! ;)

Dude, that's sick! (And I rarely use that term!)

oh, man! that's awesome! apply for membership to the MMCC!

What did you do to get the plates to attach to your bodysuit? Did you just put Velcro strips on both?

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i've used buttons for chest plates, flypapers and slings for other parts of armour. Check different topics on Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club, there are a lot of useful articles about it)

And, if you did, can you think of a different way? I'm just going to use thermals for the bodysuit for now, but I want to still be able to use them normally

Dude, I love this! I made mine from 5 gallon buckets, I will post an instructable soon. Your looks great, have you made the flak vest yet?

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Thanks, vode. Vest is still in process, but by the end of.. November, may be earlier, my costume will be finished for sure. And i'm still waiting for you instruction about helmet ;)

i spent about 31$. Paint included

ok. what did you use for the body suit underneath the armor?

i bought a flight suit in the nearest army shop, not that expensive, just about 27$

That's price for armor, on all kit i spent much more)

Oh, i can't remember where i got it, somewhere on MMCC's forums. Google it, please, "Mandalorian armor templates" ;)

found them!

Yes, they are)