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This instruction is about mandalorian belt.
Materials you need
1) imitation of leather
2) super glue, lots of it
3) belt
4) linoleum
5) Paint (if your belt is not coloured as you need)

P.S sorry for my awful English :(

Step 1: Start

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You need to cut out of linoleum nedeed details- one parallelogram and two ovals (i made them using cardboard). After that you need to glue this parts as you see at photo

Step 2: Final

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When you will make all boxes you need, cut off holes in the back side and put the boxes on belt.

Thanks for your attention, good luck in your craft!


tr0lldr0id made it! (author)2016-11-01

tadaa! made a holster, too. wasn't that hard, I basically just made a box with a loop on the back :D

jethinha (author)2015-11-14

from were u r?

EvgenR (author)jethinha2015-11-14

it's Ekaterinburg, Russia

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