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Introduction: Manga (figure/part1)

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This is my first instructable and today I will be showing you how to draw a figure for a manga/anime drawing.

Step 1: Head Scale

When drawing a figure to proportion the professional way is with 8 head height. For beginners I recommend the 7 1/2 height. What I mean by this is that each figure or drawing will be 8 or 7 1/2 heads high (ex. If you draw your head 1 cm in length then your figure will be 8 cm or 7 1/2 cm in length).

Step 2: Body

When drawing the body you should create a line down the middle of your page. If your head is 1 cm in length then you will draw your line 7 cm in length. Measuring 2 cm in length downward from the chin of the head make a small dot/mark. From the height of your chin draw a horizontal line going 0.5 cm away from your head ( if you have a different size head then measure half of your head, draw the line to where the cheek and chin line meet on a 90* angle then draw the length of half your head outward following your chin line). Create a triangle from the dot to your chin line

Step 3: Arms & Legs

Draw a circle on both corners or triangle of the chin line. Draw a line about the length of your chin line to the bottom of the triangle (crouch area) and place the line in any direction you would like. Once you have placed your line draw a circle at the end. Create a new king half the length you just create facing in any direction to create the elbow and arm.

Draw two circles a about 0.5 (half the head length)in length on the triangle less then the top of the triangle.draw a line about 1/4 of your figure height in any direction. Once you have placed your circle at the end of the line. Draw another line 1/4 of the figure in any direction to and the shin of the leg and if you want you can also draw a triangle at the end of the line as a foot.

Step 4: Your Manga Figure

Your manga figure should now start to look like a figure of a person and your now ready to draw the manga character



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