Introduction: Manga//Anime Eyes-2 Styles

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Hi. If you're here you probably like art... and you're probably pretty nerdy like me. Here's 2 styles of eyes, use them for ANYTHING... *cough cough ART* also i drew that amazing art right there IF YOU WERE WONDERING >_●


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You will need
A pencil
An eraser
Some paper
some serious creativity *like come on now*

Step 2: Simple Eye: Main Shape

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Draw a circle. If you can't figure it out, search "nearby schools" (jk jk SO MEAN^_^)

Step 3: Outline

Picture of Outline

Add two long, sharply curved lines on the top and bottom. This can be tricky..

Step 4: Pupil and Highlights

Picture of Pupil and Highlights

Add one large highlight (or teh shinyyyy) in the corner where light hits the eye. Add a pupil in the middle.

Step 5: Iris

Picture of Iris

Color the iris, getting lighter slowly as you get close to the highlight.

Step 6: Detailing

Picture of Detailing

Add details like thicker outline, eye lashes, and shading.

Step 7: Detailed Eye: Main Shape

Picture of Detailed Eye: Main Shape

Draw a circle with two curved lines tightly drawn around it.

Step 8: Detail Work

Picture of Detail Work

Add that little gooey bit in the corner of your eye (hehh, im so right) and two eyelashes on the end of the lines you just drew.

Step 9: Iris

Picture of Iris

Color a pupil and a top iris in.(the picture helps.)

Step 10: More Iris

Picture of   More Iris

Add 4 highlights as shown in picture *or not* and lightly shade the bottom iris.

Step 11: Eyelashes

Picture of Eyelashes

Ummmmmmmm... add lines on the eye? *teh awkwardness*

Step 12: Detailing

Picture of Detailing

Shade the gooey thing, shade, um.. shade some more.

Step 13: Eyebrow

Picture of Eyebrow

You can add eyebrows if you want *do it* You don't have to really *dO IT* You can add it on either of the eyes *dO ITTTTT*

Step 14: Example

Picture of Example

An example of what the 2nd eye looks like. Use the 1st eye for yourself... >_●

Step 15: Um Like.... Pls?

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It would be cool if you could comment, like or follow me. *heh LIKE PLS* I need it..


Its soooo pretty
such fabulous
much good
thank u


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Bio: Hi its ur fren sans here with some news. I'll mostly do art suff. Just because. ~sans the skel
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