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Introduction: Manga/Anime Cosplay Shades

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One of my eldest son's hobbies is Anime. When he went to a "Geek Meet", he wanted a simple costume to wear.

His idea was to make a pair of the glasses worn by a character called Kamina (don't worry, I had to google him as well).

This is what I did...

(I ought to point out, that photo is not enhanced at all - I think the bright orange colour made the camera wash out the rest of the frame.)

Step 1: Design

It didn't take much designing - a quick google revealed the startlingly angular shape I needed.

Kamina seems to keep the lenses of his shades in place by magic - I couldn't see arms anywhere. My son doesn't have magic powers, and wasn't keen on the idea of gluing them to his forehead, so I had to design arms as well.

I've attached the various files I created, but you will need to re-size your design to suit the wearer's head. Make sure that the holes in the lenses match the thickness of the material you cut them from.

Step 2: Fitting

Although I bought a decent-sized sheet of clear amber acrylic online, I tested the sizing with card. It took several iterations to get them not just fitting, but proportioned to his taste.

(In case you're wondering, I had to take photos of him wearing each sized version for him to check the look.)

Step 3: Cutting

Once we were happy, we cut the glasses from a sheet of 3mm-thick amber acrylic.

Slotting the arms into the holes cut in the lenses, along with a drop of super glue (Krazy Glue, cyanoacrylic (CA) glue), finishes the build.

Put them on,and off you go!



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    Every time I see a pair of these shades, all I can think of is Dirk Strider from Homesetck. That's all I can think about because he has the same shade style, just his are black instead of orange/red. To be honest I'd use the design for Dirk's shades because this is the only one I've come across that I can probably do.

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    not to out pedant a pendantic comment, but Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is both an anime AND a manga series

    Yeah, but if he was basing it off the Anime, it wouldn't be a manga.

    which is wholly irrelevant when the character exists as both manga, and anime with the same characteristics.

    Umm... I didn't realise there was a difference...?

    While there is a small difference (Anime = Tv Shows, Movies, Etc. Manga = Comic books, novels, chapters) the main point is that Mr Kiteman has shown how to replicate an Item that i (and maybe others) have thought would require purchasing online. Well done Mr Kiteman, you make it seem so simple!

    Just Kiteman, please, but thank you for the clarifying comment.

    Happy to oblige!

    Um... that's not me, that's my son...

    My son agrees, although it's not my thing.