Mango Panna (no Alcohol Raw Mango Drink)


Introduction: Mango Panna (no Alcohol Raw Mango Drink)

Mango panna is tangy tasty drink..
for making mango panna we need
-1 Raw Mango (small)
-1 cup sugar (as per tangy taste of raw mango you may need more)
-cardamom powder (1/2 - 1 tsp)
-saffron sticks 4/5

  1. peel raw mango
  2. chop it
  3. boil mango pieces in water
  4. when mango pieces become soft turn off gas
  5. let it cool
  6. add sugar, saffron sticks and cardamon powder to the mixture
  7. mix it in a mixer or blender. make a smooth paste
  8. take 3- 5 tbsp of paste and add water. mix well
your mango panna is ready. you can add cool/chilled water or may put ice in mango panna.

you can store this paste for 7-15 days in refrigerator.



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