Have you ever dreamed of having a fully functional grabber or have had thoughts that the arm you have now simply isn't long enough? Or have you ever needed to reach something that was to far away, and a standard grabber would not do the trick? I know that I have. Even though I am only 14 I have experienced many situations like this, whether it be changing a lightbulb, or reaching a jar on the top shelf, or even trying to get an edge on a friend while havering a thumb war. Well today I bring you the solution, the Manipulating Arm Extension, or the M1 for short has revolutionized grabbers. No more two finger grabbers that stumble around with any object that's not a Lego piece, no, this is a 5 fingered grabber that is built to work just like your hand, opposable thumb and everything. So why wast your time with other grabbers that are simply not built to work like your hand does, when you have a true arm extension grabber right here.

Due to the extreme complexity of this design, and the 2 months that it took me to build it, I strongly recommend you to follow the link given and skip the process so that you can print it out faster.

First of all I would like to say that I am very sorry for the confusing way in which I made this. As making this I started using one method then switched it to a much more efficient. So when looking at the pictures if you get confused because you saw a piece that you didn't see before, it's OK look to my instructions for advice, and remember more than anything if you have any questions whatsoever please, please leave a comment concerning your question, I love to hear from people that read my work and love to hear their thoughts about it. I will NEVER find a question, or comment to negative or stupid to appreciate. As if I have not said it enough, but I will further emphasize, if you have any questions in my instructable I would LOVE to hear about it. I check my instructables VERY often so I will be able to get to you soon.

Step 1: Part 1 the Hand Brace

This is the part that will wrap your hand. The purpose of this part is to measure the movement of each part of your hand so that it can mimic the movement into the grabber part. It will do this with a string. Here's how it will work, when you bend your finger the top of the joints will get farther away from one another pulling the string. The string will then go through a system of loops until it gets to the grabber part of the hand and in then it will be connected to the tip of the finger on the bottom so that when you move your finger it will do the same. On the top of each finger there will be a rubber band so that each finger will be able to spring back.
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