I was changing out a 12" miter saw blade that had lived a decent life but needed retirement, and wondered how it might be re-purposed.  I came up with the idea of making a Lazy Susan turntable for the grill that could double as a weapon if the zombie apocalypse happened to drop at the same time you happened to be fixing up some burgers.  I call it the Lazy Sawsan, pun intended.

12" used miter/table saw blade
Lazy Susan ring (about 4 bucks at Home Depot)
4 nuts/bolts
Scrap plate aluminum

Angle grinder with metal cut off wheel, grinding wheel and buffing wheel
Drill (preferably drill press)
Welder (or optionally epoxy would probably work fine)
Wire brush
Screw Driver
Crescent wrench

Step 1: Preping the Blade

Clamp your 12" (or larger, smaller might work too but I don't know if it will work with the lazy component to this) to something and polish the crap out of it, polish it like it owes you money.  Make it all nice and shiny.  You only need to do this to one side of it, the other side won't be visible anyway.  I decided to leave some of the yellow around the perimeter of this particular brand, but not make it a perfect circle because I thought it looked cooler this way, you do it however you want it.  I suppose you could just clean it up and paint it whatever color you want, but that's not very manly.  Set the blade aside.
Haha! Love this! My Mom and Dad just got a divorce and I'm sure my Dad would love to man up his place so I will HAVE to make him one of these! Thanks for sharing! Really cool idea!
love it, just remember to put manly spices on it. May I suggest a wide selection of hot sauces? Don't for get beer salt, bacon salt and any type of steak and rib seasoning.
Don't forget a fifth of bourbon!

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