While organizing my every day carry bag, I decided to include some ibuprofen. Instead of just throwing in a full bottle or adding an ALTOIDS tin; I wanted something with some pizzazz. So I stopped by Lowe's and let my eyes wander around till I found the plumbing section... and after a few moments... behold! The manliest pill case ever.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

I used 3/8 inch piping bits.

2 caps

1 two sided male pipe section

some pills

Step 2: Twist Together

Twist on one of the caps. Fill the pipe with your pills. Twist on the second cap.

Step 3: Marvel at Your Craftiness

You are now finished. Throw your pill case into your everyday carry bag. Next time you need to take a pill in public you can pull out this bad boy and see the look on the faces of those around you as they marvel at how manly you are.

<p>Nice job, and Great Idea. I'll be stopping at the hardware store to get mine</p>
<p>nice, drill a small hole and add a little chain so you can carry it around your neck to look even cooler.</p>
<p>Stylish case for pills.</p>
<p>This is a great idea!</p>
<p>Thanks... It felt ridiculous posting as it really wasn't me making somthing but rather assembling... but i do like the pill case a lot. </p>

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