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Introduction: Mannequin PC Case

I got bored of having a standard rectangular square sat in the corner of my office running my server at home - so I started looking around, and found something called the Blair Witch Mod.  Unfortunately the original site has now disappeared - but there is a copy of the page on a Russian site for those who are interested here:

My wife, however, was unwilling to play along with the project, so I used a mannequin bought from eBay as the base ;)

Step 1: Dismantling Original PC

So, first things first - need to take apart a working PC, ready for fitting into the new, far more interesting, case... It's a recycled one from work that's been replaced with a new version, so it's just a P4 2.8, with 512Mb RAM - a long way from being anything special.

Step 2: Preparing the Mannequin

There was a fair amount of work that needed to be done to the mannequin before it could be used - the most obvious being a way to actually mount the PC inside.  There was a longitudinal seam that was obviously from the original moulding process, this gave a very obvious place to start. 

Using a small hacksaw I cut around this seam, with the only issues being the steel mounting points that are meant to be used to secure the mannequin in shop displays.  The mounting points in the left leg and neck aren't required, so are removed, and the hole left by the removal of the neck plate is filled to create a power button location.

The nipples that were on the original moulding were also unwanted, so were filed off, filled and sanded smooth.

Step 3: Fitting the Components

So now it's time to start turning the mannequin into an actual PC case.  I left the mounting brackets in the middle of the spine to affix a plate to hold the PSU, by far the heaviest item in the server, and one that wouldn't be able to be supported by any other method.

The motherboard mounting points (as made in step 1) were affixed to the inside of the case using a mix of epoxy resin and polyfilla, to a consistency of something like blutak.

Step 4:

Final stage was to remove all the components again, then spray with undercoat, followed by top coat and then a high-gloss lacquer coat to achieve the desired effect.  I just used standard car spray paints to achieve this.

After painting, the PC parts were refitted, and then a cheap chainmail bikini from eBay was added, partly to hold the two parts of the case together, but also just to finish off "the look"....



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Many, many people are wondering why I removed the nipples from the mannequin and/or didn't make them HDD light indicators, volume controls, power switches and so on.

The reasoning for this was that I wanted a PC case that was as different from the normal right angles, sharp corners and square expanses of sheet steel as it was possible to get. This meant (to me) lots of flowing curves and lines - and the first thing I thought of was the female form.

When the mannequin arrived, the nipples were *very* prominent - and completely distracted from the idea of long flowing curves and lines. It also turned the mannequin into far more of a sexual object - which would have been accentuated by adding buttons, dials, sockets and other such things to the erogenous zones.

I also wanted to make use of the chainmail bikini which I bought the missus as a joke present for our steel wedding anniversary - which would also help to hold the two sides of the mannequin together. The chainmail would have chipped and damaged the paintwork and ruined the look further.

So - the reason for removing the nipples was almost exclusively aesthetic - and not for any deep psychological reason... I happen to quite like nipples of the pink variety ;)

I find it slightly twisted and uncomfortable that you removed the nipples. Do you have a nipple collection in a jar or somthing?

That said you did a great job. I really like it. I always wanted to make a cool custom case out of an old military radio.

Note to self: Do NOT fall asleep around fychan. He steals nipples.

great idea. but the hdd should be one of those that can be mounted vertically,otherwise the magnet will fail after a while.

Dude, you're freaking awesome.

I just have to say, it would be awesome to have a girl help you with the mold. I mean if they would only agree with the mold...

Why in the world would you want to sand off the nipples??

What would have been cool is if you didn't want to have nipples and you wanted a switch there you could put a touch switch, it wouldn't stick out and it would still work, but that also allows you to put the switches anywhere, possibly the stomach could also be a good area since it might be easier to reach

the nipples... could be... POWER and HDD-LED - just a hint ;P

Naw, they should totally be the speakers.