So this Lazy Old Geek has too much free time. I recently purchased a Laser Cross (It projects a cross). I wired up a constant current power source and mounted it on a camera tripod.

Uses: Well, I mostly use it for aligning stuff on my drill press but it could also be used for hanging pictures, big screen TVs, house framing and remodeling.
It could also be adapted for a camera for those panorama shots or recording videos.

I had a block of wood with a camera mount (1/4” x 20). The laser was tie-wrapped to the side. Being Lazy, the hard part was getting the tripod level. Now my part time workshop is my part time bedroom and it has carpeting. Theoretically, you can adjust the three legs to get the tripod level. Well, I decided to make an adjustable platform that is easier to adjust.

So I decided to make an adjustable base with a swivel platform. I had an old CD player and plenty of CD cases to hack up.

Step 1: Parts Lists

Parts List Laser Assembly
650nm <5mW Laser Cross Module Diode $4.37 ebay
The laser diode is a HLM1230.

I made my laser drive current source using this:

Parts List Laser Current Source
Optional: 6 x AA battery holder with 2.1mm plug AdaFruit.com $5.00
LM317 regulator $0.24 TaydaElectronics.com
100 Ohm potentiometer $0.21 TaydaElectronics.com
1N4001 diode $0.01 TaydaElectronics.com
10uFd 50V capacitor $0.03 TaydaElectronics.com
47 Ohm resistor $0.01 TaydaElectronics.com
(used instead of the two 10 Ohm resistors)
PCB I used a hunk of the following:
5* Breadboard Bread Board Prototype 432 Points 5*7cm
$1.39 ebay

Did not use a pushbutton

I am not going to go into the details of making the Laser drive current source as it is explained in the above website.

The HLM1230 Laser Diode is designed for 25mA or less. This is how I determined the 47 Ohm resistor value. (See picture)

Parts List Tripod Mount
2 scrapped music CD cases
2 scrapped CDs (I used a regular and a mini)
1 scrapped music CD player mechanical assembly
1/4” x 20 nut
Miscellaneous 6-32 and 10-32 hardware
3 10-32 hex jam nuts
1 hot shoe bubble level $1.59 ebay
2 inches 5/16" vinyl tubing, 5/16" i.d. (internal diameter) I got mine at Home Depot.

Can you tell that how thick is the laser beam on 5th meter?
Interesting question. I projected the cross 5 meters. One of the lines was a row of dots that was about 3.56mm wide. The other was actually two lines of about the same width also a series of dots. I'd never tried that before.<br><br>I hope that answers your question.<br><br>LOG
Thank you! This was what I wanted to know.
How did you split the laser into a vertical and horizontal line, did the laser some like that? And, how to to calibrate the axes to be true?
I was doing the above measurements and also measured the angle between the two lines. As near as my eyes could tell, it was 90 degrees.<br><br>LOG
Actually, I bought it that way. Here's an ebay link:<br><br>http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-650nm-5mW-Laser-Cross-Module-Diode-w-driver-/110645489217?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&amp;hash=item19c2fc2e41#ht_1964wt_902<br><br>If you look at the opening for the laser, it looks rather strange but it generates the cross.<br>They use a special lens(?) that produces the cross. I think they also make them that project lines.<br><br>LOG
Thought so, thanks!<br />If you add some information that discusses this in the body of this Instructable I'd be happy to feature it!
I did add this information in a separate step. Plus I put in a safety warning that I forgot.<br><br>LOG

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