Many Faces of Sugru Pt. 1- Milk Jug Rocket Launcher


Introduction: Many Faces of Sugru Pt. 1- Milk Jug Rocket Launcher

Supplies (1 of each):
Milk Jug
Bicycle Inner Tube
PVC Pipe SUGRU! (2 packets)

(the rocket is made out of duct tape, part of a pool noodle, cut up foam sheets, and a zip tie)

Directions for project are available through Makezine (

Step 1:

Place Bicycle Inner Tube over the mouth of Milk Jug.

Step 2:

Place Sugru around the Bicycle Inner Tube and Milk Jug to prevent any air

pressure leakage.

Step 3:

Insert the PVC Pipe into the other end of the Bicycle Inner Tube. Fold over excess inner tube to help maintain

air pressure. Place Sugru around the PVC Pipe and innter tube to create an airtight seal.

Step 4:

Once the Sugru sets take your foam rocket out for a spin on your new launch pad and watch it fly!



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    I hope you got the proper clearance from NASA for this launch. Seriously, you just broke like a million international laws right there. ;)

    Alright, not really. This looks like a fun project, great for all ages. Very cool!