Many Afghans!


Introduction: Many Afghans!

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My favourite afghan pattern is called American Beauty Rose and is taken from a knitting pattern book called The Ultimate Book of Knit Afghans by American School of Needlework. It's only a two row pattern, but produces beautiful ripples, and you can create your own colour designs however you want. I have knitted 22 of these beauties over the past couple of years (as gifts) and one only takes me about 6 evenings to make on number 11 circular needles. I have used different yarns, including Caron and Red Heart but I like the Lion Brand Homespun best as it is so soft and cuddly. . There are so many lovely colours. However, the first one I ever knitted only cost me $2 - I bought a huge bag of matching yarns at a yard sale and I have never looked back. The seller had been going to knit an afghan but never got around to it! You definitely need a circular needle for these as I first tried using the straight kind and had a lot of problems with the stitches falling off!



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    6 days! That is ridiculously fast! I am in awe.

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    It's such an easy pattern and I just sit there watching tv and knit away!

    I'd love to try this afghan, all your colours look lovely. I'm new to this site, can I download the pattern at all?

    how can i get this pattern - i need to make several more afghans for my family before christmas and these must be easy and fast from what you say

    Check out my new afghan which I started on February 6th. It's going well. Hope I can still complete in 6 days!

    Those are beautiful afghans. Im absolutely amazed that you can knit that up in 6 evenings. You must be a speed knitter!

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    I've taken up your challenge. I'm knitting another one now. I started it on Feb 6 and am getting along nicely. I posted it as an instructable!

    It looks so complicated, but it's only a two line pattern, so goes quickly.

    Amazing job! They're all awesome, you're posting great stuff!

    Gorgeous! I love the ripple effect, and the colors are fantastic.

    All the color schemes are so pretty! Beautiful work