Step 3: Some Assembly Required

Picture of Some Assembly Required
  1. Open your envelope template using your image editing program and ensure that the resolution is set at 300 (if it isn't, you should change it or your inserts will end up looking blurry)
  2. Open each of your screenshots, cut the map portion out from it, and paste as a new layer onto the template (they will be much larger then your template - don't resize them until you have all of them added to the file to ensure that they will match up)
  3. Select all of the screenshot layers and shrink them down to about 25% of their original size
  4. Move them around and line them up to form a larger map of the area
  5. If needed, take additional screenshots of areas that you may have missed and add them to the map
nickyb10004 years ago
This is a fantastic project. There is a free piece of software which might help speed this stage up. It's called AutoStich

It is really simple to use, you load the photos you want to stitch together and it does it automatically. Its really usefull for creating panoramas and i imagine for this project too!! I'm definitly giving this a go.
shesparticular (author)  nickyb10004 years ago
Thanks! That's a good tip - personally I think putting them together is kind of fun, but this would for sure make it faster.