Marbleized Paper





Introduction: Marbleized Paper

Make beautiful marbleized paper in minutes. 

Your finished paper can be used for any number of great projects!

1 clean 5-gallon bucket filled with water
Sheets of paper; colored, construction, card stock, patterned...experiment with what you have on hand
Krylon spray paint, your choice of colors
Drying line with clothespins

Step 1: Go for It

Choose a clean, well-ventilated area and place a small drop cloth down on your working space.  Shake all of your paint cans thoroughly and have your paper, drying line, and clothespins ready.

Fill the bucket with water leaving a few inches at the top but deep enough to accommodate the length of your paper.  

Select the color combination for your first piece of marbleized paper and spray a layer of color #1 onto the surface of the water within the bucket.  Spray color # 2, color #3 etc.  Be generous, the surface should be covered with paint.

The paint will float and mix on the surface of the water.
HINT: Don't wait too long before lowering your paper.

Hold your paper by the top edge either with clothespins or your fingers and dip slowly straight down into the center of the bucket. 
The swirled paint will adhere as the paper is lowered

Pull your paper straight out and hang to dry.

Step 2: Finished

Pull your paper straight out and hang to dry.

It is just that easy!!

Once your paper is dry it can be used for any number of other great liners....scrap booking....



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instead of using spray paint , can i use acyrlic color directly?

I've done this using traditional oil inks trying to match authentic period end papers or cover paper for book restoration projects. It never occurred to me that there might be a modern product to do the job!

Awesome, i would have never though of this. Good job!

for paper you can also use normal old oil paints mixed with turpentine so they are like very liquid.

Nice instructable. I was going to submit a project with this same technique but on a cheap vase. Just ran out of time. I love using the faux marble look on artwork.

blk vase finished2.jpg

Fun and original! More please!

The "More" is everything you can use the paper for after it is finished. Have fun!

Wow! That paper looks so cool.

Thank you! It is so quick and easy you can make a lot in a short time. Enjoy!

Cool, im going to have to try this.