Marble Cannon Project




Introduction: Marble Cannon Project

By: Kinsey Knoch & Megan Wertz

Step 1: Measure

- Length and width of base board (43 cm x 17 cm)

- PVC pipe (32 cm)

- Wooden dowel rod (10.5 cm)

- Slit in side of PVC pipe (16 cm)

Step 2: Cut

- Base

- PVC pipe

- Slit in PVC pipe

- Wooden dowel rod

- PVC coupler

- Drill hole in wooden dowel

Step 3: Assemble

- Put PVC coupler on top of PVC pipe

- Drill 2 holes and put 2 eye screws in PVC pipe

- Put 1 springs in each eye screw

- Put bolt through a washer, the slit, and wooden dowel rod (repeat on other side)

- Secured it with a washer and nut

- Attach PVC pipe to the wooden board with a hinge

- Attached 2 additional hinges to adjust trajectory

- In the wooden board, there are 2 grooves to adjust the trajectory hinges

Step 4: Formulas

Step 5: Formulas Continued...



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