Marbled Eggs With Onion Skins for Easter or Anytime





Introduction: Marbled Eggs With Onion Skins for Easter or Anytime

Create unique designs with onion skins and white eggs. Each is different and each is a surprise!

Step 1: 8" Squares of Cheesecloth, Yellow Onion Skins, White Eggs, Rubber Bands. Crumble Onion Skins in Center of Squares, Place Eggs and Gather With Rubber Bads.

Step 2: Simmer Covered in a Steel Pan for 30 Minutes With Additional Onion Skins and Plenty of Water.

Step 3: Let Cool, Unwrap, Discard Onion Skins, Oil the Eggs With a Drop of Olive Oil.

Step 4: Each Is Unique, and Beautiful.



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    Love it! Thank you!

    Does the colour go through the shell?

    The color does not go through the shell if the shell is intact. But if there is a slightest crack, or if the egg cracks during boiling, there will be brown veining on the white part of the egg, and some of the yellow color will seep through as well.

    As I mentioned above, I don't eat these eggs, but use them as decoration.

    Awesome idea! Would it work with red onion skins too? Also, does it change the flavor of the egg? I can't imagine it would, but maybe.

    The red onion skins work as well, but the color is different, sort of dusty blue.

    I don't eat these eggs, since they have been boiled for thirty minutes, but I don't think the flavor would go through the shell. I treat these as decoration.