Marble & Green Nightstand


Introduction: Marble & Green Nightstand

We found a stair designed nightstand who clearly needed to switch for red to green. Just paint job here.

Step 1: Find It

Craigslist / Leboncoin

Step 2: Prepare It

Take it apart.
Sand it with high grade sand paper.
Mask marble and inner sides.
Tip : to get screws and hinges brand new, dip it in a bucket of acetone for the night and rub it to remove old paint.

Step 3: Paint It

Layer #1 : universal white primary paint
Layer #2 & #3 : Flashy Green Acrylic Paint

Step 4: Finish It

It mixes well with purple and pink, and fits nice in my daughter's room.



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    5 Discussions

    Is there a proper name for it or is it just night stand

    i liked this a lot..color is too good