Marble Machine Tutorial




Introduction: Marble Machine Tutorial

This here will be a tutorial on how to create a simple marble machine that takes about 10 minutes of straight through working. The supplies are listed below.

These are all of the supplies. You will need:

1 Wooden Block
A Stick of plastic tubing, VERY THIN!
2 Same sized small marbles
1 Bottle of Wood Glue 
1 Paper Clip
1 Scissors to cut the tubing  

Step 1: Marble Machine Tutorial Step 1

Cut your pieces into 4 separate  1 1/4 inches long pieces and into 5 separate 1/4 inch long pieces. You should have nine pieces in total. The long pieces will act as the ramps and the small pieces will act as the stoppers to prevent the ball from flying off of the track. 

Step 2: Marble Machine Tutorial Step 2

Now, take the paper clip mentioned and the bottle of glue. Pour some glue out onto a sheet of paper. Unbend the paper clip only on one side so that it almost looks like a thumbs up. Slide the paper clip into the piece of tubing. Lay the tubing down in the glue puddle. Lift it out and place it on the board on a slant. Repeat this step for all of the other pieces. (Side note: Put the short pieces vertically next to the beginning of each ramp to minimize falling.)

 The second picture is what the machine should now look like the one in the picture.

Step 3: Marble Machine Tutorial Step 3

The last step, and your final step, will to be to elevate the machine. You will do so by taking the two small marbles and gluing them to the underside of the machine. It should be elevated just so slightly that the marble will roll down the slope back and forth till it reaches the end...

An optional, fourth step would be to make the marble go off the tracks and back to the beginning using a lift. Since I'm doing that right now, I'll be uploading a tutorial soon. But, don't worry... I'm sure you're smart enough to figure it out yourselves.



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