Marble Note Holder





Introduction: Marble Note Holder

Something you may not have seen before...

I used 6/4 mulberry for the top portion and a scrap piece of 1/4 oak veneered MDF. Added a piece of acrylic and the marbles and you get a nice note holder.

I then recessed a couple of rare earth magnets and you've got a pretty simple project.

I'm thinking that I'll make the next one a bit smaller and sized for note pads. (this used 1/2 sheets of regular letter stock) Plus you could route a channel on the top for your pencil...

Anyway, thanks for looking.



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    What a slick idea, thanks for sharing, you've got me thinking of other cool applications for this awesome project.

    Excellent! I'm glad it gave you inspiration! Good luck on your build!

    An elegant solution, and a great video (although it freaks me out a little to see someone working that quickly on power tools, even though I know the video is sped up). Thanks for sharing!

    My mind is officially boggled. I was thinking about trying to make a clipboard using marbles not two days ago. Unfortunately, since I'm a complete tyro when it comes to woodworking (but I'm learning!) I couldn't figure it out. So a hearty THANKS! for posting this 'table!

    Really slick, and I've wondered for years how such things might work. Thanks for posting.

    Similar to versions I've seen which use a wooden dowel, but this shows off the mechanism. Clever and clean design. Also, digging your youtube channel.

    Love the googly-eye on your bandsaw....

    Great idea! I wouldn't get much done if I had this... XD

    This is really cool! I totally want to make it with a bunch of different colored marbles!

    I really think the baked marbles thing would have been cool too. Oh well!