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Have I mentioned before that I love bangles and polymer clay? This is the third bangle I had made with my little clay experiment. I really like the marbleized look that occurs when you do this.

What You Need:
Polymer Clay (preferably 3 contrasting colors)

Step 1:

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As you can see I took a thin roll of gold, brown and green. The two toned gold & brown one is made by twisting the two thin rolls together.

Lay them next to each other and gently roll it out a little. Then fold it up, twist it a few times and roll it back out. Keep doing this until you end up with a marbleized pattern that you like.

Careful though, too much folding and twisting can blend them all together too much!

Step 2:

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Once you get a marbleized look that you like, roll it out somewhat thin. Then wrap it around the bangle.

Step 3:

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This step is optional.

Roll out a thin roll of one color and spiral wrap it around the bangle.

Step 4:

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Then bake it for the amount of time that it says on the package of clay. Easy peasy! The above picture is the finished project with two other bracelets I did.

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marycolletta (author)2012-07-17

Did you come up with this or did u find it?...quite attracitve and I love bracelets in genaral so was happy to find this...well done...Jax

iamkeebler (author)marycolletta2012-10-14

I came up with it. Simply because I hated the bangles I had and had some clay and zing! New bracelets!

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