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Introduction: Marbled Thrift Store Lamp

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Marble a thrift store lamp with this easy spray paint marbling technique and lampshade upstyle!

Step 1: Watch the Short Video Tutorial Here

Step 2: You'll Need

Thrift store lamp (painted white)

Round wood plaque

E-6000 Glue

Americana Multi-Surface Metallic Gold

Americana Multi Purpose Sealer

Spray mount

Clear acrylic spray

Gray spray paint

2 yards cotton fabric

Bias tape maker

Step 3: Prepare the Bath

Tie a bag around the neck of your lamp

Fill a large bin with water

*Make sure you can dip your lamp base into it

Lightly spray the clear paint and the gray paint onto the top of the water

Quickly roll your lamp in the paint

Repeat until the entire lamp is covered

*Try this technique on paper before you dip your lamp

Step 4: Finish the Base

Seal the entire base with Americana Multi Purpose Sealer

Paint the wood plaque in metallic gold

Using E-6000, glue it to the base of the lamp

Step 5: Cover the Shade

Iron your fabric and lay it flat

Remove all of the trim and fabric from the lamp shade

Spray the shade with spray adhesive

Roll it along the fabric to cover it and then trim off the edges

Cut 1 1/2" wide strips of bias fabric

*Cutting on the bias means cutting at a perfect 45˚ angle instead of on the grain

Step 6: Finish Up!

Thread the bias strips through the bias tape maker

Glue the bias tape along the side seam and then around the top and bottom of the shade

*Fold the ends of the tape 1/4" for a clean finish



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    Do you have to have a white base to start with?

    1 reply

    It helps show off the other colors Linda. So, I'd say yes.

    Looks great, especially the way you styled in the room.

    1 reply

    Thanks HankandHook. Much appreciated.

    The marbled effect looks so good! I have a big item I'd like to paint to look like marble but it's so heavy I doubt I can use this method, I'll keep this mind for another project though!

    1 reply

    Hey X,
    It's hard to dip huge items, but the smaller items work perfectly! Thanks for leaving a comment.

    Ooh. Love it. I have an old lamp that needs to be remodeled with the rest of my room and this looks like a good idea for it. Thanks!