Step 5: Colorize

Now, using either your sanding sugar or Kool-Aid, sprinkle on your Mardi Gras purple, green, and gold!

*A word of warning - if you use Kool-Aid, you get a lethally grape-lime-lemony flavor that's something akin to throwing back a full box of Sour Patch Kids all at once. If this sounds unpleasant to you, I'd opt for the sanding sugar. :D
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Brilliant I'm just bummed mardi gras isn't til feb so I can make these for the work potluck. You should also stuff a plastic baby in one if you have a big group :)
Roller - I totally thought the baby would be a great idea after the fact, so it's definitely in the cards for next year! :D
How cute! I think I might be in to using the Koolaid. :D
Thanks, Jessy! You can't beat the Kool-Aid for vibrant colors and serious flavor!
A donut, a cupcake, and kool-aid! Yes, please!
I said it was a perfect project for kids, but I secretly just wanted an excuse to eat Kool-Aid straight from the packet! ;D Seriously though - nostalgic deliciousness!!

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