Picture of Marea Bench by Cristian Arostegui
The Marea bench was desined by furniture designer and builder, Cristian Arostegui.
It was built as a final project for the Industrial Woodworking Technician program in Humber College, Toronto, Canada.
It is inspired by the movement of the ocean. The purpose was to design a piece that is functional for different needs and environments.

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Step 1: Marea Bench- Description

Picture of Marea Bench- Description
The Purpose!

Step 2: Marea Bench- Concept

Picture of Marea Bench- Concept
The inspiration was ......

Step 3: Marea Bench- The parts

Picture of Marea Bench- The parts
Here the parts are ready, and I just need to assemble them with the lag bolts!
Without wood preservatives yet.

Step 4: Marea Bench- The piece!

Picture of Marea Bench- The piece!
photoN2- marea bench. CArostegui.jpg
photoN3- marea bench. CArostegui.jpg
Here is the final product of my hard work!
I know, it's photoshop. However, the benches are real, I just wanted to show them in a more appropriate location.

Step 5: Marea Bench- Plans

Picture of Marea Bench- Plans
side section- marea bench. CArostegui.jpg
Details, Dimensions.

Step 6: Marea Bench- Sketches

Picture of Marea Bench- Sketches
Just playing around!