Step 3: Joining the Body and Attaching the Arms

Prefold the front (not completely back on itself) and then glue to the top part of the body. You want both patterned (right) sides to be facing the right way.

Prefold the arms and fold flat again.

Place the arm pieces over each of the lower holes on the body, right side facing right side and align so the asterisk is visible.

Place the shoulder ring over the hole on the wrong side of the body and fold the asterisk pieces back on themselves through the hole so they are touching the shoulder.

Apply glue to the top of the shoulder and press the asterisk flaps of the arms into the glue so they stick down. When they have set after a while, rotate the arms so that it is still able to move freely and not stuck to the body. If so, loosen with craft knife.

Repeat with the other arm and wait for the glue to dry. You probably need a brew by now if not something stronger.
<p>Where can I download the template? I really want to make these!!</p>
<p>The files are now available to download from my website! http://www.tang-mu.co.uk/</p>
<p>Awesome, thanks!</p>
<p>Dang it, I realized you died or something.</p>
<p>I 'aint dead, life just got a bit more ... complicated O_O I do need to put these online but message me which one you want and I'll send you a link for now</p>
How curious. Hopefully this will distract me for a few hours.
That's awesome!
Profoundly interesting, indeed!
They're CUTE! Is this from a series of some or something u just made up?
Cheers, they're a series I made up myself. My starting points were historical warrior women, a rabbit called Marfusha (little martha) that was sent into space as part fo the russian space program and the Jean-Marie Tjibaou cultural centre in New Caledonia designed by Renzo Piano... bit of everything really O_o

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