In true cosplay style, I bring to you my version of Margo Gru from Despicable Me 2.

If you haven't seen the movie(s), Margo is the oldest sister of the three adopted daughters of the main character "Gru."

In the first Despicable Me movie, Margo is wearing a Lorax on her shirt.

In the second Despicable Me movie, Margo is wearing a graphic of Wangan-Kun from the Japanese series Bayside Shakedown. (Yeah, I didn't know either until I started searching for info on her....) You can see more about that in Step 8.

All of this information can be found on despicableme.wikia.com/wiki/Margo_Gru.

Why did I choose to be Margo this Halloween?

As with most cool mommy's who choose to dress up, it's usually because of their children. My youngest had originally decided that he wanted to be a purple minion. My daughter told me that I looked like Margo and I should be her for Halloween. I couldn't pass up that compliment so I got to work to specifically be Margo from Despicable Me 2, because purple minions only show up in that movie.

My youngest ended up changing his mind about three times in the course of a couple weeks and finally decided that he was going to be Mario from Super Mario Brothers. You can see my kids dressed up in their respective costumes in the last step of this Instructable.

I finished my Margo costume over the course of two weeks. The thing that took the most amount of time was painting the shoes (Steps 2-4.) I spent about $60, and that was because I couldn't find a plaid skirt at the second-hand stores in my size, so I ended up buying it new online.

I had many reservations of "putting myself out there" for the world to see, but I believe in the purpose of this website (to share what I made) and I know that the many respectable people who will read this Instructable will hopefully see the enjoyment I had into making this costume just by reading about it.

Thank you so much for "being nice."

Step 1: Articles of Clothing & Accessories Used

As everyone who may come up with a Margo Gru costume would get the components of the outfit in different places, I will tell you what I used, how much each piece was and where I got it from.

Clothing I Used

  • one black t-shirt - purchased at the flea market for $1
  • one green colored jacket - purchased from a second hand store for $3.50
  • one white shirt that shows under the black one - purchased from a second hand store for $3.25
  • one plaid skirt - purchased from Amazon for $39.95 plus shipping*
  • one pair of socks with stripes on them - purchased at the dollar store for $1

Accessories Used (not shown here but throughout the Instructable)

  • one pair of Converse shoes - purchased at the flea market for $4, cleaned and painted as shown in Steps 2-4
  • one pair of glasses - my own pair
  • black ponytail holder

*Note: I looked high and low for a plaid skirt (like a schoolgirl skirt) at the flea market and second hand store. There were skirts available, but not in my size. I could have purchased a smaller skirt and modified it I'm sure to make it fit me, but I chose to purchase one because I could and it was easy. Obviously, this would be something that one could save money on.

<p>...Even cooler than I thought since reading the whole entire instructional part ^-^'</p>
<p>Thank you! Have a great Halloween /Cosplay Season!</p>
<p>Oh that is so cool! </p>
<p>So cute!</p>
<p>Adorable--Nailed it! You look just like her! Super adorable family too! Great job! :)</p>
<p>Thanks Natalie!</p>
<p>Very well planned and executed costume - you got so many of the little details just right. Very nice work!</p><p>As an artist, however, I must note your comment &quot;The image was/is being used completely for personal use.&quot; From a legal copyright perspective, you are still violating the artist's rights to that image and should be paying an agreed upon royalty for its use. While you are unlikely to be sued or charged for personal and private use, the law does not make any exceptions for that. It makes sense as otherwise anyone could freely copy art &quot;for their own use&quot; instead of buying a print or a book or a teeshirt or anything that could be digitally delivered and printed locally. This is becoming even more critical with the widespread use of 3D printers.</p><p>/off my soapbox/</p>

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