Mario Candy Box Dispenser





Introduction: Mario Candy Box Dispenser

Want to hand out candy to the neighborhood kids this year on Halloween in the coolest way? Now you can with a simple made Mario Question Mark candy Dispenser box.
Should cost you less than $10!



A cardboard box

Yellow paint and a paintbrush


A computer and printer

String / rope

Box cutting knife / scissors

Step 1: Find the Perfect Box

I got this box from my workplace, but you can easily find square boxes behind companies in their dumpsters, or just ask the if they have any in the back.

Step 2: Paint the Box

Painting the cardboard box will take a few coats if yellow to get rid of all the logos on the box, to make it easier you can first paint it with primer but I ran out of it so I just went right to the yellow paint. It took about 3 coats of yellow.

Step 3: Print, Cut and Glue

Print out the question mark photo I put on here in Microsoft Word, and adjust the size. Make it fit your box so it looks right when you glue it on. I had my question mark print out on Microsoft at 6.9 inches tall. Same thing with the holes, print those and make sure they're the right size too, I printed mine at 1.2 inches tall! Like I said make sure it is to scale with your box, my dimensions might not be the same as yours.

Step 4: Cut, Fill and Hang

Cut a decent size hole in the bottom of the box with a knife or scissors so the candy can come out when you upper punch it. Next cut a small hole on each size of the box to insert string into it, as you see inside the box I double looped that string and duct taped it. Once all 4 strings are inserted tie them all together above the box, make sure they're equally the right length so your box doesn't tip.

Step 5: Headbutt or Punch!

Now hang it anywhere and give it a good headbutt or upper punch to get some candy out! The kids on the block will love this! It also makes an awesome prop if you're a Mario fan!!



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    I made this box a couple of years ago. I took it out again this year and amped it up!

    This looks like a minecraft lucky block! Pretty cool!

    I'm going to make this into a pinata for a Mario party. I'm just going to change it so that after a bunch of punches all the candy falls out.

    Then there the kids that cut it down with scissors then take all the candy like a douch

    I made one for the big kids at the office!