Introduction: Mario Face Paint

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Mario has been my favorite sense I was a child.

Step 1: Starting Off

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using a eyeliner pencil I sketched out my idea.
his mouth, his mustache, his nose, and his eyes.

Step 2: Filling In

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fill in parts of your mouth and mustache black, then fill in part of your eyes white.

Step 3: Eyes

Picture of Eyes

Outline your eyes then fill then in light blue.

Step 4: Details

Picture of Details

add black eyebrows, black pupils, and some white shine to your eyes.

Step 5: More Details

Picture of More Details

Add some lighter blue around the pupil, and outline your face with black

Step 6: Body

Picture of Body

Sketch it idea, fill in overalls with blue and the rest of your body with red.

Step 7: Detail

Picture of Detail

Outline, and shadow, and then add yellow to the buttons.


mchau2 (author)2015-09-11

cool idea!i smile when i see this!

MsMaoMaoz (author)mchau22015-09-15

Aw! Yay! This was not an easy one to do. XD I tried!

Melia1661 (author)2015-07-20


MsMaoMaoz (author)Melia16612015-07-20

Aw Thank you!

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