To find the hidden phrase in mario galaxy read every letter with a star/twinkle in the bottom corner!
<p>If you reverse smg2's cover it says y-a-i-m-r-u</p>
haha sweet
That is uber weird!
i cant find it what is it?
Just look on the pic and red each letter witch a golden twinkle in the corner.
&nbsp;lol its saying u-r m-r g-a-y
haha just found it... im smart. epic win nintendo!<br />
yeah quite the lol moment<br />
All I found was letters with no reason whatso&quot;ever
EPIC&nbsp;WIN.<br />
&nbsp;LMFAO thats hilarious
also, this is not very funny in the first place, and not an instructable at all. post this somewhere else next time.
Yeah this was really funny at first. But now a lot of people know about it. I think Nintendo changed the cover and now it doesnt say it.

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