Step 2: Cutting Your Pieces Out

Take your plate (or whatever you can find that's about 10-12 inches in diameter) and place it on the fabric. Trace around it and take the plate off. Place another little dish over the side of the circle, about three inches from the edge. Trace around it, this is your brim.
<p>Hi Pie Popper!</p><p>Thank you so much for your tutorial. I created my own tutorial, based off of yours.</p><p>Thank you so much for the inspiration and all your work!</p><p>DeAndra</p><p>https://www.instructables.com/id/Super-Mario-Hat-Tutorial/</p>
<p>I would suggest to sew to logo onto the circle BEFORE you sew both circles together. It makes it much easier :)</p>
OK..I see that this was put up a long time ago, so hopefully someone will answer me. <br>WHAT do I sew together in Step 4?? Do I cut out two of each circle &amp; brim? Like fold the felt in half and then trace the circles?? <br>I'm confused.
Alright. I do apologize, I wrote this instructable awhile ago, and forgot to take pictures so that's why I drew them. <br>Before step 4, you should have two of each the brim and the circle. (Cut it out on doubled fabric, using a plate or lid or something round). After you have done that, take one of the circles and cut a 4-5&quot; hole in the center, where your head will go. <br>Now in step 4, sew all the way around both big circles put together, and the outside edge of the brim. <br>I hope this helps, let me know if you need any other pointers! Updating this instructable with pictures is on my to-do list...one of these days!
I think I understand now!! THANK YOU!!! <br>Of course I have a last minute son that wants to be Mario and all stores are out! <br>I think this I can do! I'll drop you a note if I have any more questions, otherwise I'll let you know how it works out! <br>Really, THANKS for the quick response!!
like Santa Claus .
Mines a bit dodgy, but I had fun making it anyway :) Your's is way better
It looks awesome! Thanks for sharing :)
Thanks! Just ignore my face ;)
I made one it's awesome :) not as awesome as your's but still awesome :)
You like awesome things huh? xD I'd love to see pictures!!
I really want to make your shark attack hat :) it's EPIC!!!!!
Love it! Go Mario! (And if i do say so myself, you look good in it) :P
That is cute! What did you make the mustache out of? Can't have the hat without the mustache :)
I just used some basic black felt and tape...It didn't stick very well, so you'd have to get some dress tape. (the really tough kind that keeps 'em from slipping) :D
Cool! See my full costume here... <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Epic-Mario-Costume/ <br> <br>You will probably have to cut and paste it.
This is adorable! I applaud your skills! However, you instructions are a tad bit hard to follow. I get the basic idea, but I think that's because I'm a veteran sewer. A new crafter would have a bit of trouble understanding it. Perhaps some more views of the finished project?

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