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This guide is intended for anyone who would like to know the dynamics behind proper drifting in Mario Kart 64 for the Nintendo 64 gaming system. However many of the tips and tricks I will be listing below can be used in many of the other Mario Kart games as the dynamics remain the same but the game and controls for the other systems are different. That is to say that understanding and learning how to drift in this version of Mario Kart will allow you to more easily pick up drifting in future Mario Kart games.

For the purpose of this guide I will be limiting game play to the Time Trial mode as it is the best place for practicing drifting for many reasons.

1. Time trial mode means you are the only racer on the course so nobody will be throwing shells and zapping you with lightning’s that will interrupt your drift practice.

2. Each time you complete a race you can see if you have improved your drifting by racing your previous trials ghost. This allows a player to try and improve drift durations which allow a player to squeeze as many drifts into a turn or various straightaways.

The more drifts the better, many short duration complete drifts are better than one long complete drift.

What is Turbo Drifting?

Turbo Drifting is what happens when you finish a drift properly. It allows you to achieve a mini speed boost allowing you to race faster than those who do not use turbo drifting.

Equipment and Materials

· Nintendo 64 Console

· Mario Kart 64

· Time and Patience

Controls used
Strictly for Turbo Drifting

A Button : Accelerator

Joystick : Steering

Right Bumper : Press and release will give you a small hop, holding
this will give you a hop and then start you in a drift

Step 1: Start Up the Nintendo 64 System

Ensure your system is connected and properly set up and that the game is on and ready to go.

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