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Introduction: Mario Kart Banana

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My wife and I routinely play Mario Kart, and she is always "accusing" me of spreading bananas all along the track.  One day I decided to spread some bananas on the staircase leading up to our media room (where we keep the Wii) as a prank.

These were easy to make.  The materials needed are plastic bananas, some old CD's, and hot glue.  Basically all you need to do is saw off one end of the banana and hot glue it to the CD (put the hot glue around the hole in the CD). 

After the initial scattering of these along the stairway, we now use these as decorations in our media room.



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    Glad you found bananas. I think I found mine in one of those stores that has a lot of artificial plants. Don't recall which one.

    where did you get the bananas...