Mario Kart Blue Shell Hat

Picture of Mario Kart Blue Shell Hat
All of my college suite-mates are obsessed with Mario Kart, so I made them this hat for christmas. Even though this tutorial covers how to make your own Blue Shell hat, you could easily swap the blue fleece for red or green to make the Red or Green Shells, or even use the basic construction style to make a Mushroom hat! (if you do, please sent me pics! I'd love to see that).
This project took me about 16-18 hours over the course of 4 days.

  • White, blue, and black thread
  • 1 yard each of White, blue, and back fleece or felt (I used fleece)
  • A fiber-based filler (can be found at craft stores)
  • 1" elastic band
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins 
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Pen or Sharpie
  • Measuring tape
  • Time and patience

NOTE: Almost all of the sewing in this project is done with a sewing machine using a straight stitch. When it's absolutely essential to hand sew, I explicitly say so, but in all other places where I just say "sew" you can assume that means on the machine, with a straight stitch, making sure to add several leading and tailing stitches so your whole seam doesn't unravel. If you dont have a machine, I will say it is possible to do this project completely by hand, but it may take you several years. 
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spongebop1255 months ago
I'm using your template for the hexagons so what should I do about the triangles?
Sam DeRose (author)  spongebop1255 months ago
Once you've stitched all the hexagons together, sort of just guess at the spacing for the triangles, see what works best for your head size. If you have a smaller head, you can make the triangles narrower, and make them wider if you have a bigger head. Hope that helps!
spongebop1255 months ago
After I fill in the hexagons with the stuffing should I hand sew the last opening or use the sewing machine?
Sam DeRose (author)  spongebop1255 months ago
Using the machine will be faster! (thats what I did)
Sammi114025 months ago
I love all of your instructables they are amazing:)
Sam DeRose (author)  Sammi114025 months ago
Thank you!
HollyMann10 months ago
saosport1 year ago
well done I love it
Excellent work and excellent hat. I'm surprised your brother was willing to give such an awesome hat back after his modelling moment.
Nicely done!!! Thanks for sharing.
I want this as a bike helmet!
tokyo1011 year ago
omg me and my sister are huge fans im making one for me and her and her birthdays coming up soon so this is the perfect gift.
taransa1 year ago
Wowsa! That is super impressive :D Fantastic job :)
seamster1 year ago
Nice work, that's a good looking hat!
ecsaul231 year ago
Very impressive, the planning and design and execution and the instructions. Very Nice

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