I was inspired by This Featured Post in an instructables email, but as I have three kids under the age of three, I needed to make my ornaments out of something a little more solid than styrofoam. I chose to make mine out of round wooden balls and a thick dowel.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

- Saw (I used a mitre saw)
- Paint brush(es)

- 1.5" Round Wooden Ball
- 7/8" Wooden Dowel
- Wood Glue
- Acrylic Paints
- Mod Podge
- Eyelets
- Ornament Hanger (or wire)

These are great! I just made a set for a family ornament exchange. I made an extra two sets so each of my girls could have some. I followed the directions pretty closely. I substituted a clear spray enamel for the Mod Podge. I just used a black Sharpie marker to make the eyes. <br>
Some1 needs to make a set of power 1s of NSMB WII
these are cool but i think that&nbsp; scoohcamaroo's instructable is better but still very cool i made some there awsome!
Very cute, your daughter is a neat painter!<br />
Thanks!&nbsp;I was pretty impressed with her painting skills too!<br />

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