Introduction: Mario Mushroom Wooden Coasters

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I always loved video games and woodworking.
Since I bought a scroll saw I started cutting projects based on video games.
This is one of them - Mario Mushroom Wooden Coasters. 

Step 1: Needed Tools and Materials

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What you will need:

1. Scroll saw
2. Drill

3. Wood (in my case it was plywood)
4. Wood glue
5. Glue stick
6. Felt
7. Printed pattern (download it here: Mario Mushroom Pattern)
8. Varnish
9. Masking tape
10. Sandpaper

1. Wood stain

Step 2: Preparations

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When I scroll cut a project I try to stack minimum two wood pieces at the same time - thanks to stack cutting I get two identical cuts in only one cut. We just need to take two pieces of wood, place one on another and wrap them with masking tape.

Step 3: Glue the Pattern

Picture of Glue the Pattern

Spread stick glue on the upper side of the stack and place pattern on it.

Step 4: Drilling Holes

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Wait till glue dries up and drill holes for the scroll saw blades.

Step 5: Cutiing

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Cut the pattern.

Step 6: Masking Off

Picture of Masking Off

Rip the masking tape off.

Step 7: Sanding

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Sand burrs on the underside and top of the coaster.

Step 8: Wood Stain

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Depending of type of used wood we can apply wood stain. 

Step 9: Varnish

When the wood stain dries out apply 2-3 coats of varnish. Off course wait till each coat of varnish dries out before applying the next one. Before applying every coat of varnish gently sand the coaster with fine-grained sandpaper.

Step 10:

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Spread wood glue on the bottom of the coaster.

Step 11:

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Place the coaster on a piece of felt (choose any colour you like - I usually use black or white).

Step 12:

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Cut the redundant felt.


ashley.lewis.18062 made it! (author)2015-04-22

fun project to make


KittyKissMe (author)2013-10-13

Awwww... love them. <3

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2013-01-07

Very fun coaster!

You should enter this into the Holiday Gifts Contest!

RollerScrapper (author)2013-01-08

Adorable and eye catching! I was never even good at Super Mario Bros. and I want some of these :)

Nick.D (author)2013-01-08

These look great!

An improvement to make would be to fill the cutouts somehow - maybe with an resin. I'd be worried about smaller glasses being unstable on those coasters otherwise.

HicksCustomFurniture (author)2013-01-07

Really like these!

artworker (author)2013-01-07

beautiful! I want all the characters of mario!

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