So if you haven't noticed yet, my son loves Mario. We are going to spend Christmas break in Idaho so I decided to create something that he would love, and that would keep him warm. So here is what I came up with. The same technique can be used for the other Mario characters as well, or if you would like you can use this to make a visor, and just not add the top or ear covers to it. I thought the visor was adorable on him, but we needed to make it a warm hat for the snow.

What you need:

1 Piece of white fleece
2 feet brown fleece
1 yard of red fleece ( I had extra left over)
Piece of elastic (optional)
A piece of flexible plastic or cardboard and ducktape
Red thread
Brown thread

Step 1: Making the Bill of the Cap

I cut out a piece of cardboard that was cresent moon shaped and then used left over green duck tape to cover it ( I did this so that the cardboard would be waterproof when you wash it or from rain/snow) you could use a plastic lid cut up if you would rather do that. Then I cut out two pieces of fleece a little larger than the cardboard piece. I sewed the outside together first, fliped it inside out, placed the cardboard piece inside, and then sewed the inside of the piece together. The bill is complete.
<p>dat picture... is SCARY</p>
That is just an awesome hat! And I love the addition of the earflaps! Very practical :)
Thanks! He wants to wear it everywhere!
And so he should! As long as he doesn't jump on turtles or try to break bricks with his head :)
:) Love it!

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