The water shooting FLUDD from Mario Sunshine is here! and Yes. It does shoot water. Luckily for you it is easy to make and should cost around $50.
Review Instructions before begining.

You will need:
Empty shampoo or medium sized bottle with a dispenser.

Small medium sized plastic fish bowl 78 inches of .75 inch thick PVC pipe. Can be bought in two foot lengths.

Ribbed toilet plunger

4x PVC two way connectors

1x three way PVC connector

4x empty water bottles

4x inch PVC cap

3x feet of Thin plastic tubing

1x Pump,spring and ball stopper from Shampoo or soap dispenser

8x feet of a blue Dog leash 1x Backpack clip Old or used thin plastic container

4x .75 inch corner braces

24x 5/8 inch steel bolts

4x .25 inch screws

1x 5 inch wide funnel

1x 5 inch diameter plastic ball. Hamster ball.

1x square foot of bedding foam 1x silver spray paint

1x yellow or warm yellow spray paint

1x Blue spray paint

1x Brown spray paint

Tools: Hot glue gun

Dremel tool or Power drill

Screw driver


Sewing kit (Needle and blue thread)

Exacto knife

Hand saw

Step 1: The bottom


Thin plastic Fish Bowl 8 inches wide. 6 inch mouth opening. 7 inch tall.
Ribbed toilet plunger after being cut 8.5 inches.
PVC pipe holding bottom half of pump 8.5 inches.
Thin plastic tube attached 15 inches.
Fish Bowl lid 6 inches in diameter.
Top plunger lid 4.25 in diameter. Center hole snug fitting with bottom half of soap dispenser pump. Refer to photo #34.
Bottom of plunger lid 3 inches in diameter. Center hole wide enough to fit around PVC pipe with corner braces. Photo #24
Corner braces are 3/4 of an inch.
Bolts 5/8 inches
<p>Must have FLUDD.</p>
<p>Ikr, I will do this one day!</p>
<p>hello itsa me mario ,i love this is there any wAY i can buy this from you</p>
Fantastic, bro.
New video added below the first two pictures on the first page ; )
This is beyond excellent. <br>Is there an action video!?

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