Mario Mushroom Salt&Pepper Shaker's





Introduction: Mario Mushroom Salt&Pepper Shaker's

Super Mushroom Pepper Shaker and 1-UP Mushroom Salt Shaker. 
I can not take credit for the mushrooms as they are a nintendo sour treat tin 
bought at your local wally's world or wherever really, keep your eye oper
I can only take credit for drilling the holes and using them to hold my precious
salt and pepper.

What you will Need:
- one of each of the mushrooms, a super mushroom, and a 1-UP mushroom
- a drill
- small drill bit
- hole saw drill bit 1 7/8"

Step 1: Drill Out the Top of the Lid.

1. Using your hole bit saw and drill, drill out the lid of the mushroom

Step 2: Drill Delivery Holes

Using a small drill bit drill two holes in the 1-UP mushroom for the salt, and Three holes for the Pepper. Or how every many holes you'd like, everyone likes their salt and pepper dispensed  differently, so whatever floats your boat. 

fill it up with the goods, put the lid back on and your done! 



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    Nice, I used the tin in my project too :)