Introduction: Mario Bros Earrings

Mario bros earrings

Step 1: Make the Character You Want of Polymer Clay

make the character you want of polymer clay

Step 2: Before You Put You're Mario Bros Figur Into the Oven

before you put you're mario bros figur into the oven you have to put there a earring(ring) in the mario bros figur.
and bake in the oven for 30 min 266 degrees Fahrenheit. let them cool completely

(the google translate does not work very well sorry for the wrong syntax and grammatical errors)

Step 3: Now You Can Cut Them the Right Size

Now you can cut them the right size

Step 4: Take a Pair of Earrings and Hang the Mario Bros Figures on the Earrings!

Take a pair of earrings and hang the mario bros figures on the earrings!


Tomcat94 (author)2012-04-19

These are cute! I might make some too for a few friends.

breumer (author)Tomcat942012-04-19

thank you, the pokemon earrings that you made are awesom!

Tomcat94 (author)breumer2012-04-20

Danke, mein freund. ^_^

breumer (author)Tomcat942012-04-21


breumer (author)2012-04-19

;) danke schön ,dank je wel ,Thank you

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2012-04-19

Niedlich! Schattig!

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