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Introduction: Mario Cart Cake

Hey instructa-verse. It just so happens that I made this cake a few weeks ago for my next door neighbour. After foolishly asking a 7 year-old what they would like on their cake the reply came back, "Mario cart." Well, not the best decision I've ever made but as I'd asked it seems only fair to deliver, so this is my efforts. After finishing the figures, I realise there was LOTS of icing left over so thought why the hell not, lets make some actual carts. With no more room on the cake, I made some small iced buns and topped them with the carts. The buns had a simple butter cream topping ( reusing the excess cake filling) which stopped the icing carts from being too sickly. If anyone want to attempt anything similar just message me and I'm happy to answer any questions I can.(excuse all the rubbish on the kitchen table behind the cake, I never intended to upload the pictures so it didn't seem like an issue at the time.)



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I want a Mario Cart cake on my next birthday.