here is an easy diy cat toy

Step 1:

what youll need

embroidery needle


pre holed imbroidery surface



Step 2:

cut 6;2inch by 2 inch squares then sew together in a box form

Step 3:

then sew the bottom on

at this point, it will look very icky, but it will change later

Now, before you sew on the top, put something inside, like crackly paper, or bells, or even catnip,,

Step 4:

now, print out 6 pictures of the mario cube, if you have a mac, i scaled it to 195% and it worked out very well

Step 5:

then tape on all sides
Yes! Extra tape helps too :)
<p>Oh man, my cats would love destroying the paper on this, but I guess the best part is you can print it out again!</p>

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