Maritza's Alphabet Book





Introduction: Maritza's Alphabet Book

When my (31 year old) daughter was little I made her an alphabet book. I used collage, mat board, tape and glue. We spent many hours together while she explored and identified the variety of images she found on each page. It is funny now after all these years to re-visit the alphabet book.  There is a Wagon but no Wii, there isn't an Xbox or an i-phone, instead there was a Touch Tone Telephone. Stamps were 20 cents, and there is a 35mm Camera that used Film and created Negatives!
My favorite page is the "C" page, no computer, however, there is a Chocolate Cake, a Comfortable Chair, and a Canon Camera. 



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Aw, this is such a great idea! This would be such a great project for kids to make with their parents as they're learning the alphabet! Thank you so much for sharing this!

Actually Maritza is my daughter and we made this book together over 30 years ago! You can tell by some of the collage materials represented for the letters!

That is just wonderful! I love it and I imagine she did too! What a wonderful thing to have from her childhood :)