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Introduction: Mark I Tank

About: I am Kaptain Kool, Zombie Slayer, Covenent Crusher, and Creator of Awesomeness. I love building anything out of metal, wood, and trash. I build for fun and occasionally out of necessity.

I am very interested in World War I, and after hearing that the last WWI veteran died I decided to make this as a tribute to all of the brave soldiers that fought in the first world war.  After the build, I was pleased with the result so I built another one.  I built this out of steel and copper for the treads.  It is held together by rivets because it is more permanent than hot glue.  I decided to build the Mark I because it is an iconic WWI war machine and I personally like the look of it.  Thanks for viewing, I hoped that you enjoyed it!



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    cool idea but i think you should take your time and make sure all the edges are clean. But great work I like it ;)

    its looks like u rushed to make it you should slow down , but i really like it

    This is very nice, and has a nice sentiment behind it. it could use a bit of cleaning up with a Dremel or like device, but it is very nice. One suggestion: post an actual photo of a Mark-1 tank, so people will know what you were building.

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    Thanks for the comment! I will try to get around to it. Also, I am in the process of making a rc renault tank also from WWI

    It is nice,but...It looks very rushed,if you have a welder or access to one then you could weld everything together then use the smallest rivets as decorations!!!!but it still is a nice tribute to our veterans of WWI,and the RC car idea is very good!! It would be SOOOO cool if the treads moved too!!!

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    Yeah, I really want a welder and I probably should get one. It was a little rushed, (I didn't want it to take more than a few hours. I'll probably make a third one that's rc and possibly have moving treads.

    Very cool. Great pictures, too! You should put it on an RC car (if its hollow), and race it around. Great job.