Picture of Marker Secret Compartment
This is my first Instructable on how to make a secret compartment marker. You can make it in a minute! Put money, notes or anything that fits in it!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Crayola Marker Paper Clip Teeth or Pliers

Step 2: Removing Bottom

Picture of Removing Bottom
I just bit down on the bottom with my back teeth and pulled and it came right out! But, if you don't want to use your teeth, you could use pliers.

Step 3: Getting Out Ink

Picture of Getting Out Ink
13, 9:07 AM.jpg
13, 9:07 AM.jpg
After you take out the bottom, you will see an ink tube thing, that's easy to get out. Just get a pencil or a paper clip and poke it into the ink tube and pull. It will come right out. Also, open the lid and pull out the tip with your finger nails or fingers. That also comes out easy. You actually don't have to remove the tip because if someone picks it up and realizes there's no tip, it might give it away.

Step 4: Cleaning ( Optional )

Picture of Cleaning ( Optional )
You may want to clean out the marker, but you don't have to.

Step 5: Now Your Done!!!

Picture of Now Your Done!!!
13, 9:08 AM.jpg
You now have a secret compartment marker! You can put money, notes, or messages in it. You can take it to school and no one will know!
TimsProjects (author) 9 months ago
tho b mas9 months ago
I just started on instucables and please favorite my stuff if u can
TimsProjects (author) 2 years ago
Uncover what
makinginc2 years ago
U dint uncover it
TimsProjects (author) 2 years ago
That's some good advice shane0137 thanks!
shane01372 years ago
Just a tip, (pardon the pun) if you leave the tip in the marker, if someone goes to use the marker they won't suspect something is wrong, if I picked up a marker to use and saw it had no tip I would be a bit suspicious,
I'd keep my weed in that, but its far to small.
TimsProjects (author) 2 years ago
Make sure your parents or friends don't throw it away
soul_eater2 years ago
nice idea for some extra cash