Marking Pen Airbrush





Introduction: Marking Pen Airbrush

Super simple diy airbrush using marker pens. You can use just about any marker or paint pen in this, and it dries instantly with no clean up. This is powered by a small air compressor and built on a cheap air nozzle from Lowes.

== Body == Its just two two holes intersecting at 45 degrees and a couple makeshift thumb screws. Seems to work best when the pen is about 3/8" to 1/2" in front of the nozzle and the tip of the pen is centered in the air stream.

== Screws == If you have thumb screws it would be better, but I just used a couple small lag screws that I cut to size and filed the ends smooth. if you run the screws in and out a bunch of times then sand the threads you should be able to get a loose enough fit to turn easily by hand.



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    Can you post a picture of work this tool does?

    I just use it for the stenciling like in the end of the video. Some folks cant see the video though. it seems that instructables just shows an image rather than the video on some platforms like phones etc.

    Awesome! How long do the pens usually last? Not sure how you would even measure that, but do they run out quickly?